Our Philosophy

The foundation upon which this practice will stand is built on honesty and integrity. Honesty is something that is of absolute necessity for me to be able to function in all aspects of my life, both personal and business. I will be this way with all people that I employ, as well as the patients/parents that I treat, and I will expect the same from them. I am a strong believer in the old adage that states quality is more important than quantity. I believe that in this line of business, assembly line orthodontics is a mistake and I am strongly opposed to this type of treatment. I want always to have quality control in the management of my practice (in regards to both personnel management and asset management), and also have control in the management of my patients (in respect to my treatment mechanics, as well as patient management, motivation, compliance, etc.).

The patient and/or their parents will know they can have full trust in my abilities to perform as a professional, as well as the abilities of my office personnel and staff. Each person that will compose my office team will be specially hand chosen to fit the personality of this practice in conjunction with the personnel already employed. In those instances where diagnosis or treatment needed is out of jurisdiction, I will gladly refer to the best person I know qualified for the job. Any patient that enters my doors will be treated with the highest degree of respect each and every time they enter my doors, and will receive the absolute best treatment my hands can render. In this practice, the patient’s needs will be catered to, no matter what the circumstances or conditions